Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions outlining regulatory compliance for cbdax.co.uk. Continuing access and use of this site constitute acceptance of these T&Cs.

Disagreement with any principle herein mentioned should instigate your immediate departure from our site. Failure to adhere to the guidelines set out will encourage the suspension of services.

Cbdax.co.uk focuses on deliverance of CBD products through desktop and mobile apps. CBD products are intended to act as beneficial health treatments but are not disclosed as medicines. Advice is offered but you must rely on your own opinion and suitable medical consultation before committing to purchase.

All logos and other intellectual property, including but not limited to visual media, remain the property of cbdax.co.uk. Using these will infringe copyright law and incur prosecution.

Entourage of CBD yield presented, discretion concerning furnishing assured. Wares embrace, but not bounded by, oil, vaping, tablets, capsules.

Legal Acknowledgment

These items are offered in compliance with EU & UK laws, the relevant legislation will be applied to all transactions, failure to comply or observe regulations will result in termination of your account. Abuse of any nature will not be tolerated. 

The right to terminate accounts is retained by the company which has sole discretion, decisions made will be considered final subject to the right of appeal.

CBD products supplied under relevant law in UK & Europe as portrayed and interpreted at present time. Users should ensure adherence to any local law amendments.

User Account

Registration and enactment of user account requires injection of personal details. These are retained by the company and will not be disseminated without prior consent.

Use of individual accounts confirms lack of intent to use services in the following ways:

  • Harass, threaten or intimidate other users
  • Posting of libelous or defamatory comments. Including, but not constricted to pornographic images, obscenities, offensive, or infringing copyright of another entity.
  • Multiple account creation
  • Participation of fraudulent activity
  • Other activity which is believed to misrepresent or go against the intent and nature of the company and its business values.

Personal details form an essential part of personalized advertising platforms. The company reserves the right to refuse or cancel any account.

Payment Service

Preference is provided to payment via credit/debit card. Other options are available but individualized according to purchasing origin. Verify the options proposed online before committing to purchase.

Privilege reserved to preauthorize funds as deemed necessary. Payment taken at time of order completion pre-dispatch. Lack of funds equates to order cancellation, users will be notified electronically of issues discovered after submission of order in advance of dispatch.

Delivery Procedure

Express service available at extra cost. Alternatively standard service by default. Charges indicated at time of ordering, variable based on quantity, urgency, and location.

Postage and packing charge non-refundable in event of order cancellation post dispatch.

Dispatched parcels tracked via internet-based service provider, tracking number will be provided to facilitate the smooth transition of goods.

Confirm specific details and terms when ordering as terms are subject to change following upgraded rules and regulations.


Specified returns policy and procedure in place, detailed in separate section, and formulates binding part of this agreement.

General terms include distance selling right to return, faulty or damaged products, or change of heart. See returns policy for full definition and application in individual cases.

Warranty & Shelf Life

CBD oil commonly survives fresh for 12-24 months. All consumables dated for creation of shelf life guidance. Old oil essentially remains safe for consumption although odor and taste may seem adjusted. Proper storage is imperative for full storage possibilities.

Functional phase dependent on precise product class, verification at discretion of user.

The company warrants condition of stock at transmission and for faults during approved 30-day period. Proviso of approved and accurate storage technique requisite. The company might compel verification or corroboration before melting out a refund or exchange.


Full privacy policy displayed on-site, complimentary retrieval for all users. Essence discloses privacy of identifiable markers, use of cookies, and storage, envisioning the security of all info with non-disclosure to third-parties.

Adherence to terms critical to ongoing availability of site, suspension, or rejection feasible if regs ignored. Ignorance is not a defense.

Advisable to study privacy policy in advancement of site usage, substantiating, authenticating, and endorsing principles to institute favorable relationships.

Revelation of stored minutiae workable stipulated by user generates a file for authentication. Contradictions promote corrections in accordance with relevant laws and procedures.

Customer Service

Customer service team imparts encouragement, reassurance, and aid twenty-four hours a day. Friendly, competent, resourceful, and professional assistance are obtainable via electronic mail, online chat, or telephone.

Mastery & familiarity of data integrated as benchmark criterion for accommodating and supportive staff.

Prompt reaction & comeback activated on receipt of premier contact. Satisfaction virtually guaranteed.

Liability Limitations

CBD products are not tantamount to medical prescriptions. User confirms health responsibilities linger with themselves and waivers civil privileges, specifically related to health implications subsequent to CBD intake.

The company defines risk as minimal, nevertheless, existential risk exists and should be acknowledged by users. Lack of medical status by the company requires the understanding of users that possibility of peril, jeopardy, hazard, or health menace is reality and should be guarded against. Limiting liability of the company is standardized procedural development.

Testing indicative of positive consequence when utilizing CBD products. Achievements attested by users suggestive of genuine conclusion. But, latent threat continues and ought be recognized. Conceding limitations of liability on route.

Usage of CBD is voluntary.


Disclosures within terms & conditions has negative effect on statutory rights. Provision of private particulars invokes dispersal of promotions and informative material. Potential for text message communication, cbdax.co.uk free from responsibility re fees activated by cellular service provider, discontinuation possible via reply of STOP.

Should competent court with permitted jurisdiction assert any parameter unenforceable, residual stipulations continue to relate, retaining effectiveness. Equally, specific breach invalidates part not whole of contract between the company and user.

Modification of agreement unattainable save by written indemnity, inclusive of signatures. Oral representations not weighted under law. Printable versions pre and post revisions dispensable when petitioned.

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