Safety and legality of CBD flowers, weed, buds and hash - what you need to know

Smoking CBD is becoming more popular in the UK, and CBD buds is a preferred choice for many individuals. But, with varied description and conflicting information, statistics, and opinions online, it's important to distinguish facts from fabrications.

So, what is CBD flower, how is it used, and is it safe and legal?

CBD flowers: what are they?

CBD flowers are, essentially, the female segment of the hemp plants. Hemp is an extremely versatile, multifaceted shrub with over 25 thousand uses. Historically documented usage dates back centuries, as it’s a viable food source and rich in fibre, iron, and protein.

Hemp seeds can be eaten raw or ground and sprouted to make a dried powder. It can be used in baking, beverages, cold-pressed, as a leafy vegetable like broccoli or spinach, or a fresh, green salad ingredient.

In modern times, it is used for assorted by-products, including, insulation, rope, biofuel, clothing. It can also be fused with other fabrics like polyester silk, flax for textiles like curtains, bedsheets, or other home fittings and fixtures.

Do not confuse for cannabis buds, as these can cause effects like alteration of conscious perception, paranoia, and psychosis, and are illegal in the UK. Hemp has similar origins, but contains no THC and is produced for business reasons only.

Effects of CBD flower on the mind and body

The body's CB1 receptor group deals with recollection, perception and awareness, motion and coordination, pain, and emotional states. CB2 receptors regulate inflammation, neurological processes, appetite, and fertility.

Scientists believe that cannabidiol doesn’t attach to these receptors. Unlike THC, it helps the body create more of its own cannabinoids. This boosts the levels and can ease various diseases like Alzheimer’s, seizures, dystonia, and maybe even cancer.

Is CBD weed legal in the UK?

The trading and using of CBD has resulted in concerns over its legality. Because of the perceived likeness to cannabis, a lot of consumers are fretful that they are breaking the law, which is a major misconception.

CBD is different to cannabis. Although, to the naked eye, they may seem alike, CBD has been proven to have no psychosomatic effects whatsoever.

Large studies have been carried out into its soundness. As it has been recognised as non-poisonous, many international governments, including in the UK, have decided it can be sold to the public via brick-and-mortar or digital retail shops, provided the THC quantities are in line with health exhortations.

Growing CBD bud yourself

With ever-changing laws and regulations surrounding hemp and weed, many people are wondering, can you smoke CBD that you’ve grown yourself? And is it legal to grow hemp in the privacy of your own home?

The answer is yes - but there is groundwork to do first. Different documentation and paperwork must be presented in order to get a license to cultivate industrial hemp. Plus, you must go through a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and pay a fee, which is between £300 and £500.

There are also restrictions on where it can be vegetated. For example, it can’t be planted near an education academy, childcare facility or anywhere with communal access. The local police need to be briefed and given the location, the seed type, and your contact information.

As marijuana is a controlled substance, hemp can only be cultivated for commercial purposes, not for personal use. However, it grows easily. Unlike cannabis, which requires hot, humid climates, hemp is a hardy plant that doesn’t require a tailor-made environment.

Strains that autoflower are the go-to for beginner growers, or anyone looking for a fast return. Although there are some disadvantages, autoflowering varieties spring more easily and are as potent as photoperiod breeds. They harvest indoors under 20 hours of daylight, or can be planted outside.

The appeal of CBD hash buds

CBD hash buds have many attractive benefits, including numerous medicinal properties. It’s a well-known anti-inflammatory and has anxiety-relieving reverberations. It’s also a natural painkiller and is touted for improving the symptoms of a number of conditions.

Compared to other CBD products, flowers have a high CBD concentration, meaning they are perfect for relaxation, ameliorating focus, and more.

Hemp flowers can be vaped, smoked, cooked, used in a water pipe, or even rolled up in joints as an alternative to cannabis (or cigarettes). It is similar to marijuana in veneer and smell, as both contain terpenes and flavonoids, but the lack of THC means the euphoric effect is absent.

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