Privacy Policy

Privacy policy divulged in full acquiescence with General Data Protection Regulation of EU General Data Protection Regulation. Consequently, full protection granted when availing yourself of our site with domination over data usage.

Your Personal Data

Collection and distribution of personally identifiable data solely permissible under the ensuing scenarios.

Registration with aim of purchasing supplies or communicate with the business, including contract of email updates. Full disclosure inevitably acknowledged by you via completion of preconceived form, i.e. acceptance of regular newsletter. Effective establishment of request and expression of blessing in one fluid movement.

Data supply principally digital although paper format and alternative supplications are sheathed by the same privacy policy and enforceable by the relevant law in the country of business.

Collection designator is subscription or purchase. Includes name, address, telephone, email, and other necessary details to validate the legality of you and your application.

Data process by to ensure full compliance with relevant law. Data processed aids distillation of products, confirmation of age, (where appropriate), and satisfactory arrival of aforementioned goods.

Indicative pointers portray effectiveness of service, garnered by use of our service, allowing creation of personalized advertising and specially designed offers. Inference of interest is adhered to as opposed to dedicated indication of preferences.

Removal of personal details permissible on request or automatically after the cancellation of use of our services, subject to standard parameters. Unless preconceived adjustment foretold, data retention exists for duration of customer relationships.

Computer-Based Data

Digital technologies, software, and programs automatically track cookies, device identifiers, and other identification tools. Purposefully to confirm interaction and endorse improved future relations. Acceptance not obligatory but beneficial for maximum customer service results. Opt-out possible.


Your information will not be supplied to third parties of any nature. Although personalization of advertisements is possible this is through integrated software and not a disclosure to any third party.

List of connected and/or contributing vendors is available as is access to individualized privacy policies for all third parties businesses.

Legal Disclosure

Data disclosed under this policy remains with unless requested by the relevant law enforcement society and only on presentation of the required legal documents.

Notification of disclosure will be made as relevant and discretion remains the guiding factor when dealing with personal data.

Your Rights

You have the right to access stored information pertaining to yourself and your account. Details will be supplied within 30 days, providing opportunity for rectification of errors or closure of your account and elimination of held data.

Data access requests must be in writing to provide validity of transaction. Inaccuracies will be adjusted upon receipt of proof regarding the error. No liability shall be admitted or discussed regarding any inaccurate data.


As a business prepared to adapt to a difficult and dangerous environment we reserve the right to change details of the privacy policy. Notification issued by electronic means will, upon receipt, replace the original document as indicated promptly.

Failing to adhere to the agreement by either party will result in termination of all contracts and existing arrangements without detriment to your consumer rights or prejudice regarding any ongoing proceedings.

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