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Popular CBD questions: smoking, how to make it, driving, drug tests & more

Worried about the legal status and risks of CBD? Here’s everything you need to know!

Does CBD oil show up on a drug test and can you fail it?

Some employers use workplace drug testing as part of employment T&Cs or a drug and alcohol policy. Theoretically, properly manufactured CBD products will be free of THC and this is how to pass the screening.

If it contains THC in higher amounts you will fail a drugs test. But, provided it is a trace amount, it should be below the cut-off. Always check the product labelling, especially if your employer has strict, zero-tolerance policies.

Unlike pure CBD oil, cannabis is a drug, so testing using a hair sample may raise red flags, even at low levels. An oral or urine test will have a lower threshold, and smoking cannabis rather than CBD means you will fail a drug test.

How to make CBD oil simply without fuss

Feeling adventurous? You can create your own DIY oil comfortably at home with this simple recipe. You will need:

  • Empty 10ml bottle with a pipette
  • Carrier oil
  • Tube of CBD paste

First, decide on the percentage of CBD you want in the liquid. Avoid a concentration of higher dosage than 7.5% of cannabidiol, as the concoction will be too thick and sticky.

Choose a high-quality, pleasant-tasting carrier oil. Mixing with coconut oil is the most popular, but you can also use olive, MCT, hemp, sunflower, flaxseed, avocado, vegetable, jojoba, castor, or another. Remember to consider its use, such as a tincture, face and hair, skin cream, balm, etc.

Add the paste, then add the oil. Leave a gap at the top for the oil to move. Place the lid on and shake until thoroughly mixed. Allow some breathing time for it to fully infuse. Store in a dark, cool spot away from children.

Does CBD oil get you high - legality and regulatory concerns

If you are looking for clarification on the rocky ground of regulation, here are the finer points of the rules:

If you're unsure about the law on can you drive on CBD, or any other concern, be reassured that CBD is an EU-approved substance that it legal in most European countries.

As it contains none or trace amounts of THC (the high molecule), you can benefit from the soothing, pacifying, pain-alleviating powers of the cannabis plant with no mind-altering implications.

Can you combine CBD oil and driving?

The laws in the UK make it relatively trouble-free to stop and start proceedings against drivers. Police use “field impairment testing”, which entails mundane tasks to test mental and physical awareness and fitness to drive.

THC is a controlled substance that can be detected in blood, urine, and saliva tests, if these are carried out, as it does affect driving. However, in theory, pure CBD won’t be flagged unless there are higher than trace levels of THC.

CBD isolate doesn’t impair driving and is not illegal. Think, does CBD oil get you high? If it personally affects you causing side effects like drowsiness and tiredness after taking and you’re doubting your ability to drive, take the precaution of not getting behind the wheel.

Can you take CBD oil on a plane in the UK or abroad?

If you’re travelling on holiday and want to take CBD, it’s important to be cautious. Among typical preparations, ensure you’re clued up on directives for international and domestic air travel.

For most tourist destinations, it is okay, but make sure it’s legal in the destination country. The EU is usually fine for UK residents due to the frictionless, borderless setup.

Or, many travellers select edibles like chewing gum or sweets, or more straightforward options like capsules and gummies as an alternative.

Can you smoke CBD oil in the UK or overseas?

In the UK, smoking CBD oil is legal and available in health food shops and online. It is not covered by restrictions, unlike smoking weed.

In some zones, like Arab nations and southeast Asia, you need to be more careful. Vape oil and e-liquid are covered by tight laws from some national governments.

CBD products can be carried aboard an airplane in hand luggage when flying, but observe the 100ml limit for liquids (e.g. e-liquide) and carrying in plastic see-through bags. A sealed container will give enhanced peace of mind and less stress, avoids spillages, and makes airport security inspections easier.

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