CBD oil testimonials: potential hope against lung & other types of cancer?

There are over 100 types of cancer, which is caused by abnormal cell growth.

There’s no “cure”, but there are treatments. Plus, there are reports that marijuana products are effective. Is this true? Let's investigate further.

The low-down about CBD oil for cancer patients

Hemp seed that's high in CBD and low in THC is used for medical purposes. Does CBD really kill cancerous cells or slow their growth? Scientists says it might. In vitro and in vivo studies prove the compound possesses both anti-tumorigenic and anti-proliferative properties.

What can it treat? There’s a strong possibility it is effective in leukemia, skin cancer, melanoma, throat cancer, glioblastoma, breast cancer, prostate cancer, or for liver and colon cancer after proving to be a potent growth inhibitor in research on rats and mice.

Furthermore, it may be effective in targeting gliomas in the spinal cord and brain. This process can be achieved by synthesizing ceramide and sphingolipid. This promotes targeted cell destruction due to the binding process and receptor activation.

Can CBD oil help pets with cancer?

Due to harsh, aggressive medical treatments given at the vet’s, many pet owners are looking for gentle pain relief, either as an alternative or a complimentary natural remedy.

For dogs, it is surprisingly common. Around a third develop it over their lifespan, with a quarter developing neoplasia. Other common types are lymphoma of the spleen or bone marrow, melanoma, and mammary cancer.

CBD can drastically improve quality of life for canines. The oil can be mixed with food, or it can be purchased as edible treats. If unsure, discuss this with a vet first.

Younger kittens and older felines are susceptible to fibrosarcoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and other types. Risk factors include carcinogens in their environment like cigarette smoke, pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilisers, viruses, nutrition, and spaying.

For cats, cancerous tumours are less common, with rates 50% lower than dogs. But, feline cancer is often diagnosed late when the condition has advanced and survival rates are low. Like in a dog, CBD can lessen the symptoms.

Where to buy cannabidiol?

In the UK, CBD hemp oil is available to buy in stores and online. Always ensure you choose retailers with positive reviews so you know your product is high-quality, well-made, and 100% safe.

Always read the instructions to identify any potential interactions and understand how to use the treatment properly.

Alternatively, you can construct your own CBD oil. Here’s how to make: for a tincture, you can use CBD isolate, which is refined crystal rich in CBD and is a white, sticky, powder consistency.

Dissolve in a high-grain alcohol. Liquors aren’t ideal for dissolving as they are 50 - 60% water, but great for mixing a CBD-infused cocktail.

Or, you can mix with triglyceride oil (MCT), which is popular as it has a neutral taste, or coconut oil, which must be heated first as it’s solid at room temperature.

Add your desired volumes, how much exactly depends on the dosage you require. Put into a dropper bottle, then shake and swirl the mixture until it is fused and blended properly.

CBD oil cures lung cancer, true or false?

There’s some scientific evidence that weed which consist cannabinoids does may cure lung cancer. CBD’s properties stop the growth of affected cells by elevating oxidative stress, reducing infiltration of lung metastases and activating TRPV-1-receptors.

Although more testing is required on this subject, CBD is known to boost defences against germs by acting on the central nervous and immune systems.

When opioids and man-made anti-nausea drugs, like generic nabioline (trading as Casemet) or dronabinol (Marinol) aren’t effective, CBD can ease pain from the disease and the treatment.

Benefits of CBD oil against cancer: testimonials

Heard any epic, miraculous testimonials and stories about CBD curing people’s incurable cancers? In the media, desperate cases of terminal stage three or four, and patients with tumours given months to live have popped up claiming cannabis products restored and rehabilitated them back to health.

Some individuals, given this optimistic news, have turned to natural cancer killers like alkaline foods, cutting out processed food and sugar, and have tried CBD oil.

The best results range from coming off morphine and even remission. Also, taking CBD can manage symptoms and side effects of anxiety, chemo-related nausea and sickness, weight loss, muscle loss (cachexia) and neuropathic pain.

There’s no official evidence CBD is a can miraculously cure diseases. But, it’s a very tolerable, low-risk food supplement and can at least relieve side effects in many folks taking during chemotherapy.

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