CBD oil and antidepressants: dosage and effects on anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are devastating, life-altering, and disruptive conditions, often leading to hopelessness, social disengagement, downheartedness, obstacles, and more.

Instead of enduring this hardship in utmost silence, CBD is an exquisite, auspicious resolution for scores of patients.

CBD is good for appeasing symptoms, but it’s vital to choose the finest products. To assist, here’s the lowdown on CBD for mental health.

CBD oil for anxiety and depression: how does it work?

CBD is proven as a magnificent therapy for anxiety and depression, working wonders in humans - and even in animals like cats and dogs! It interacts with and alters the neurotransmitter, serotonin. This is officially linked with psychological conditions.

Cannabis affects receptors - aka protein-based chemical structures in the brain. These are attached to human cells and receive signals from stimuli. CBD interacts with and alters these.

Medication or CBD oil for anxiety and depression

Antidepressants are extensively prescribed to patients in Europe and the US. In the UK, four million people, or 16% of the adult population, are reliant on them. However, bothersome adverse effects occur in a substantial proportion.

The repercussion? It becomes a trade-off between drawbacks and psychological advantages. Some of the biggest worries include dizziness, sweating, mind fog, nausea, headaches, and weight gain.

Sertraline (Zoloft) and fluoxetine (Prozac) are SSRIs, commonly used as treatment. But, CBD has a record in lessening the features of depression, generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety-induced sleep and social disorders.

Mixing CBD oil and antidepressants

CBD is raved about as a holistic, innocuous way to master health problems. But, concerns over interactions with antidepressant drugs are rampant and totally legitimate.

According to medical research, CBD supplements are, generally speaking, okay to consume alongside SSRI pills, provided they are sourced from a reliable, credited, trustworthy supplier.

When shopping for CBD products, always ensure proper testing has taken place, and labelling confirms the formulation contains suitable measures of compounds from responsibly farmed plants that are manufactured safely.

If in doubt, discuss your uneasiness with a doctor that understands the delicate balance of chemicals in the body and how, hypothetically, CBD might interfere with this when combined with psychiatric medicine.

In the end, this is a personal choice and individuals should weigh up the benefits and strengthening potential of remedies that stem from hemp oil against the plausible risks and side effects.

Does CBD help with anxiety-related panic attacks?

If facing a stressful event or situation like giving a speech or presentation in front of colleagues, an exam work deadline, apprehension and nervousness can quickly set in.

Panic attacks are a common symptom of anxiety or stress. They can start at any age, often progressively getting worse over time. For anxiety sufferers, they can kick in at any time . This has an extreme effect on quality of life.

Whatever the severity, frequency, and triggers, CBD can help calm the impact. For some, this is instantaneous. In others, it may take several weeks or months to work. This is an intriguing discovery that’s backed up by numerous studies, and by reviews on internet forums like Reddit and Quora.

Choosing the correct CBD dosage (20mg or 40mg) for anxiety

CBD comes in an array of different lotions and potions. From creams and tinctures, to vaping juice - even in beauty products and creams. With amounts, it’s important to be careful, as taking too much can make you more anxious.

Dosage depends on variables like the product type and concentration, your size and weight, and the nature of the condition itself. If unsure, it’s best to start on a lower dose, like 20mg or 40mg. Take a couple of drops and gradually increase it until you achieve the desired results.

Some products, like gummies, capsules, and pills, provide a specific dosage per serving. If you’re using an oil, you will need to measure the quantity you need using the dropper in the bottle and mix with a carrier or infuse in food or drinks.

Always read the instructions booklet or leaflet scrupulously to find out how to use it and how much to take. It will also answer questions like "how long does it take to work?".

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